Paris Colleges Outraged – ‘Sugar Daddy’ Or Student Loan?

The latest in Paris outrage was focused on students at various local colleges. The focused area in which the sign was traveling occurred around many local colleges in the Paris area. It, however, was seen by more than just those college students. Some of the others seeing this giant poster being pulled by a car included instructors, tourists, locals, and even area minors.

The traveling advertisement was found to be the latest in marketing campaigns of a sugar daddy and sugar mama application seeking new college-aged members., an online dating network, were found to be the creators of this latest outrage.

RichMeetBeautiful’s huge poster that so many persons saw and read stated, “Hey students! Romantic, passionate and no student loan,” and “Date a sugar daddy or a sugar mama.”

rich meet

City officials and other French politicians were quick to show their complete dislike. So much so that they posted to local online media in the form of a Twitter-based tweet. Their feeling was clearly stated by saying “we strongly condemn these shameful advertisements. We are working along with the police authority to get them off our streets.”

“The Paris mayor’s office immediately ordered the billboard be confiscated and called for a ban on the controversial, Norwegian-based dating platform, accusing it of promoting prostitution” stated Forbes.

The dislike and feelings of the advertisement didn’t stop with just the local authorities. College equality organizations were also outraged. Their outrage and search for equality thus lead to criminal complaints being filed by FAGE, National Federation of Student’s Associations. They found the recent ads to promote harassment, hazing, sexism as well as a means of undermining the dignity of college girls and this was the basis of their complaint.

A similar negative advertising situation also was said to take place in Brussels. In Brussels, the exact same wording was found on the traveling billboard was utilized. The ONLY difference between the ads could be found in lieu of the image being used.

The Brussels controversy drew the attention of the Huffington Post who reached out for comment from RichMeetBeautiful. They spoke to the company CEO, Sigurd Vedal. Vedal began by pleading the sites advertising campaigns were “a misunderstanding defined by the local culture.”

Sigurd Vedal went on to say, “Some of our previous launches have caused misunderstanding, and that’s obviously the case in Paris too the fact is that the people we connect to on our site are looking for relationships like those that exist in the real world. life, except that with us the financial aspect is a major additional criterion.”

To Vedal, “the concept of ‘sugar daddy’ and ‘sugar baby‘ seems to be new in Europe, but it already existed in France”. “We’ve just brought it to the surface,” he stated, “these terms are widely searched on Google, so we know there was a market.”


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