Sugar Daddy Today Review

Sugar Daddy Today Review

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Founded in 2007 brought a new dawn to sugar daddies and sugar babes in the dating segment! For the last nine years this dating website has made great strides in quality delivery and today it boasts of a healthy membership base. At every member is a full member something that is not possible with many other websites.


    In the sugar daddy dating domain, is the most affordable website. As a bonus, it gives its members a one-week free membership with access to the unlimited features of the website. So you will get to know the reality of the site and determine whether it’s right for you. If you want to upgrade to premium membership, the fees are surely set to attract plenty of sugar daters. A premium membership will cost you only $5 per month.


    As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for; at a subscription fee of $5 per month you cannot expect lots of features. Communication platforms like chat rooms, forums, blogs and private chat are absent. Features supported include:

  • Email
  • Member search
  • Privacy options (category blocker)
  • Hot lists and reverse hot lists
  • New message alerts
  • Photo album (up to 10 pictures)


Ease of use

The features of this site are pretty easy to use and even if you’re a beginner you will face no issues. On top of this, the site is easy to navigate although the design is not very appealing.

Good privacy options

You have a complete charge regarding whom you wish to connect with. So you can block other users who you aren’t interested based on location category and so on.

Members communicate directly

You can post your phone number, email address, text number and so on; therefore members can contact you directly. So you can easily exchange offsite information when you find someone compatible, and you don’t have to pay to contact persons of interest.

No ads, spam and offsite marketing

Unlike other dating sites whose pages are full of ads which end up getting money out of your pocket, does not have any adverts anywhere on the site, instead, where there could be adverts, there is a graphic saying how the great is the site.


The site isn’t really free

Upon signing up, the first thing you’ve to fill in your PayPal details and this is weird for a site that claims to be 100% free. Next, they let you know of the first 10-day free membership. After which, you will be paying $5 per month.

The site has many girls who aren’t serious

Most of the girls there are not really interested in dating, but they are looking for money to get their career launched. Therefore it’s not easy to find a serious hot woman who wants to be a sugar babe.

Very few membership

Although it boasts of over 80,000 active members, when you sign up you will find very few members. And this could be the reason they let anyone on.

Sketchy and misleading member sections

Hot girls will draw you in and keep rotating every 10-12 minutes to convince you that many sugar babes are joining but on logging back you will only meet the same girls you met yesterday.

Outdated features

The messaging system is ancient and meant for long love letters. No platforms for quick and flirty chats.  So if you prefer fast paced action, then this is not your place.


If you’re looking for serious sugar daddies or sugar babes, this is not the best site for you. Of course, you can’t expect something great at $5. But if you’re not that picky, and you love writing letters and poems, then is good for you.


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